The Shark

Noah “Shark” Robertson is a world-traveled performer, entertainer & music industry professional with over 20 years of experience. His larger-than-life persona, sarcastic wit, and cynical outlook on life culminate into an emotional joyride of a live stage show; combining his insane life experiences with his snarky outlook on life.

Noah began his journey as a stand-up comedian in Los Angeles, CA, performing at the World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood. Noah has also performed at Vulcan Gas Company in Austin, Flappers in Burbank, The Comedy Chateau in Hollywood, Dallas Comedy Club, Plano House of Comedy, Hyena’s, The Comedy Arena, and many more venues. Noah has toured the world playing the drums and performing at international tours and festivals with many of the biggest names in Rock and Metal music. Noah currently hosts and produces a number of regular comedy showcases and events at several venues such as Dallas Comedy Club, Reno’s Live!, and more. His live show Swimming with Sharks has built a loyal following and is notorious for being one of the rawest and most unique comedy shows in Dallas, Texas; combining a live comedy show with a podcast meets late-night-talk-show setting. Noah recently founded the April Fool’s Comedy Fest in Deep Ellum, TX. Noah also recently signed his short films “Shower Sharks” and “Murderous Grapefruit” to Troma Entertainment (The Toxic Avenger).

Noah studied under comedian Dean Lewis at Addison Improv and graduated from the Stand-Up Comedy Program at Dallas Comedy Club. Noah also studied Improv/Acting at John Robert Powers Entertainment Company.